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Aston currently lives in Australia. She has a diploma in advanced media and is also an award winning photographer. Combing both her love for media and photography, with a creative mind and passion for all things unique, freque magazine was born!

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Freque (pron. freak) is a standalone print & digital magazine/web service that features fashion designers, photographers and models with outstanding yet strange concepts!
Freque Magazine is a monthly international print and digital magazine for photographers, models and fashion designers to submit their latest work to. Its goal is to inspire and intrigue its readers with unique, weird, strange and unusual photography and fashion. Want to contribute? Click the submit my work button in the top right corner of the page...

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What to submit:

• Fashion editorials containing gorgeous, visionary or unusual avant-garde clothing, cosmetics, jewelery, eye shadow or accessories
• Beauty editorials containing either unique makeup designs or creative hair art
• Strong conceptual photography with a unique theme or bizarre use of props and alternatives
• All other editorials containing rogue, freaky (not kill) or inspiring images either with the use of alternative image processing/editing or lighting manipulation ability.
• Anything else you think is freak out enough for Freque!

Submit writing:
We also publish poetry and short stories. Each Vol will have one short story and a collection of poetry to accompany some of the photography editorials.

Short stories: No more than two pages in this format (size 12 Arial font single spacing) “Dark” theme. Previously published and retrieved work allowed!

Please also provide full credits where due.
Spaces limited to availability. Please read our submission disclaimer before submitting.

 I have read the above item submission guidelines...



• Nudity is allowed, but must to tasteful and not overly sexualized
• Only photographers can submit images however, models and designers can submit on behalf of photographers if they have permission. ALSO as of vol 3 no photographer can feature twice in any given vol. Consideration will be given however if submitting to different parts. For example vol 3 is in two parts, "fashion & beauty" and "creative & conceptual"
• No watermarks, logos or branded tattoo on the images.
• All credits of those involved must be supplied on a separate word document or in the email body with the images you submit.
• Unless otherwise stated, all submissions must be unpublished. This includes facebook and social media sites.

 I have read the above submission guidelines...


How to Submit:

Please submit 2 - 6 low res jgeg/jpgs only (DO NOT SEND MASSIVE IMAGES - you will clog up our inbox - if accepted you may send hi-res images via Dropbox)

Remember to include all credits and websites. Please note that if you were unsuccessful Freque Magazine is not held accountable for giving a reason why. Common reasons would be:
1) it breaches one of the guidelines
2) it may not meet the publications standards
3) it is not creative enough.
4) It may be too similar to another editorial already accepted.

If you have not heard back from Freque Magazine please resend your submission, the editor promises to respond to all submissions in a timely manner and some emails may have gone astray.

 I have read the above submission guidelines...



1) Freque Magazine not provide free copies. This publication is printed exclusively by Magcloud services which is print-per-purchase publishing.
2) Freque Magazine does not pay for submissions.
3) Submitters must be copyright holders. You will be responsible if a claim is made against Freque Magazine for copyright infringement. By submitting you grant permission to publish and distribute your work in any shape or form.
4) Freque Magazine will not be held accountable for misspelled or missing credits; it is the submitters responsibly to correctly provide this information. Should you forget a credit or misspell them we will NOT change it after launch. So it is extremely important to get this information correct the first time. However if it is Freque Magazine who have made the mistake in your credit, please notify us so that we can change it immediately.
5) Once submission is accepted it must not be published in any other magazine, website or social media platform until after the issue with your submission has launched. Freque Magazine reserves the right to pull your content from the magazine without your consent should it be discovered that it has been published prematurely.
6) By submitting you grant us permission to use your submission in any shape or form for any purpose related to the Freque Magazine brand. You also allow for Freque Magazine to colour-correct or crop your images to best fit into the publication.

- The Freque Team Located in South Australia Region!

 I have read the above submission policies...